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Ethelred "Epp" Lundy Sykes

AK '26

Ethelred, during his time at The University of Alabama, was a member of the Capstone Orchestra and Glee Club. He was also a captain in the Reserve Officer Training Corps and was listed on the honor roll each year of his enrollment. In 1925 Sykes was named editor of the Crimson White newspaper and was awarded the Pan-Hellenic Loving Cup at the end of that year for his service to the Alabama student body.

As editor of the Crimson White, Sykes had been among the many voices clamoring for a fight song that Alabama could call its own. In 1926, shortly after the football team's victory in the Rose Bowl, Sykes contributed an entry to a contest sponsored by the Rammer-Jammer humor magazine for a new "battle march". Sykes's "Yea Alabama!" won the $50 first prize. He donated the money to help secure an arrangement for the school's Million Dollar Band, and it was quickly adopted as the school's official song. In 1947 Sykes granted his copyright to the University.

Balpha Lonnie Noojin

AK 1908

"Lonnie" held his time at UA to high regard. 

Jeremy Campbell

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