"Once a Phi Kap, Always a Phi Kap"

     With respect and honor as fundamental values of being a Phi Kap, it is not coincidental that a motto of this fraternity is "Once a Phi Kap, Always a Phi Kap". This shows the dedication and high esteem we hold for our alumni. Without their past accomplishments we would not be making the steps we are today or the strides we will tomorrow. 

Stay In Contact with Us

We, the Alpha Kappa chapter, love hearing from our alumni and communicating with you. Over the years contacts change and need to be altered. Please send us your current accurate information so we can stay up to date and not lose track of any alumni.


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The Phi Kapstone Newsletter is sent out semesterly from Alpha Kappa. The newsletter keeps alumni up to date on the goings-on of the chapter and any news we have to share. Adding your information to our database will make certain that you will not miss out on receiving the Phi Kapstone Newsletter. Alumni Chair, Brother Kyle Muscarella, has worked hard on it and would love for as many alumni to see it as possible. The latest newsletter can also be accessed online here.

Reaching Out

Brother Kyle would also like to make sure that any Alumni who may want to speak to him can reach him easily. Emails can be sent to kmuscarella@crimson.ua.edu